Debbie Halcomb


I’m Debbie Halcomb and I love real estate sales! Think about it – where else can you meet new people each day and help them make informed decisions regarding the most valuable asset they will most likely ever buy or sell in a lifetime – their personal residence.

My professional experience has not always been in real estate or even in sales for that matter, but looking back I can now see how my years in mortgage banking, computer programming, accounting jobs in the homebuilding and architectural design fields and even my house flipping ventures have helped me become the realtor that I am today. Along the way, I developed an outstanding network of professional relationsips with trustworthy appraisers, builders, title companies,inspectors, lenders, and assessors. These colleagues assist me in succesfully serving my clients today.

I believe that to succeed in the business you must strive to create a “Raving Fan” with each new client. Simply put, I do that by outserving my competition in the best interest of my customer.


Debbie Halcomb

Debbie Halcomb [email protected] 317-652-9405

We are people connectors.  Our mission is to help connect people who want to sell their homes with people who want to buy homes - and to do that on a very personal level.  We are Approachable, Customer Service Driven and Trustworthy.

Vision  To be the real estate team of choice in Franklin Township, Indianapolis and to bring Real Transparency to Real Estate.

Values Hard Work - Passion - Experience - Determination - Approachable - Customer Service Driven - Trustworthy

Belief  Buying or Selling a home is a very personal endeavor and we like to keep it personal.  Our number one goal is to be at the top of your real estate referral list even when your transaction is complete.